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SodaStream Fizzi Soda Maker Starter Kit, White

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The slim and modern designed SodaStream White Fizzi Soda Maker Starter Kit will allow you to start making your own sparkling water and soda quickly and easily in the comfort of your home. The compact design of the SodaStream White Fizzi Soda Maker Starter Kit requires no electricity or cords, and will fit beautifully in any kitchen or bar decor. The SodaStream White Fizzi Soda Maker Starter Kit features a one button carbonation process, and an easy snap-lock bottler insertion.

The SodaStream White Fizzi Soda Maker Starter Kit comes with a 60Liter CO2 Carbonator, a 1L reusable BPA Free carbonating bottle and the White Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker. The SodaStream White Fizzi Soda Maker Starter Kit comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.