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Mosa Creamer Charger Cartridges

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The Mosa Creamer Charger Cartridges are a must have if you’re the proud owner of an international system whipped creamer dispenser. These nitrous oxide (N20) cartridges are what helps produce the sweet whipped cream that everyone loves on top of their hot cocoa, ice cream Sunday, and fresh cups of iced coffee. Store bought whipped cream just can’t compare to homemade and if you prefer homemade, then you’ll want to keep Mosa Creamer Charger Cartridges on hand that way you’ll never run out.

The Mosa Creamer Charger Cartridges work by eliminating N20 when under pressure. These cartridges are completely recyclable, which makes them eco-friendly. Preparing homemade whipped cream is an environmentally friendly investment worth investing in. Store bought whipped cream cans are not recyclable. When you make your own, you reuse the system and purchase cartridges which are recyclable. That’s a win-win for the environment! Not to mention that the taste is immeasurable!

  • 10 cartridges per pack
  • 1 pack per customer, no exceptions!