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Fruits & Passion Cucina


Fruits & Passion Cucina 500ml Purifying Hand Wash, Coriander and Olive Tree

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It is recommended to wash your hands several times a day, but frequent hand washing can leave your hands feeling dry.

Commercial soap bars claim to have moisturizing ingredients, but sensitive hands still find them lacking and soap bars turn into a soggy mess after a while.

Commercial liquid soaps are better, but they still can’t hold a candle to Fruits & Passion Cucina 500ml Purifying Hand Wash, Coriander and Olive Tree.

Fruits & Passion Cucina Purifying Hand Wash, Coriander and Olive Tree is loaded with extra virgin olive oil, an ingredient that will penetrate deep into the skin of your hands, nourish them and will keep them soft and smooth.

In addition to nourishing, the coriander and olive wood gives this purifying hand wash a wonderfully wooden scent.