Lampe Berger


Lampe Berger Stone Lamp

From the iconic French perfume company Lampe Berger, comes the functional and beautiful Lampe Berger Stone Lamp. Lampe Berger has been designing and creating catalytic lamps and fragrances that purify and fragrance your home for over 100 years. Through diffusion by catalysis, the Lampe Berger Stone Lamp will circulate, purify and leave a subtle scent of your choice in your home. Simply fill your Lampe Berger Stone Lamp with one of the Lampe Berger's 50 fragrance oils, insert the wick firmly into the lamp, light the Lampe Berger for two minutes and place the vented cap on the lamp for 20 minutes.

Add the simple, contemporary design of the Lampe Berger Stone Lamp to any room in your home. Perfect for cleaning, purifying and lightly perfume the air in your home, the Lampe Berger Stone Lamp will help get rid of stale cooking scents, bad pet odours or simply to prepare for entertaining. Designed by Roman Duclos for Lampe Berger Stone Lamp features an asymmetrical shape, like a pebble polished by time. Available in both charcoal black finish and frosted natural mineral appearance for a surprisingly modern and simple decorative addition to your home.

Made of glass, the Lampe Berger Stone Lamp, Stone has a 335ml capacity and measures 3.55" (9cm) high. The Lampe Berger Stone Lamp comes with a wick-burner, mounting cap, snuffer and funnel.


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