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Michel Design Works Foaming Hand Soap, Pink Grapefruit

The Michel Design Works Pink Grapefruit Foaming Hand Soap offers a luxurious scent and a creamy lather that will gently wash away dirt and germs, and leave your hands feeling soft and smooth. Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms alike, the Michel Design Works Pink Grapefruit Foaming Hand Soap contains shea butter and aloe vera for a gentle cleansing and moisturizing experience. The light and fresh citrus scent of the Michel Design Works Pink Grapefruit Foaming Hand Soap and the natural history inspired illustrated soap pump bottle will add a welcoming tone to any space in your home.

The Michel Design Works Pink Grapefruit Into the Woods Foaming Hand Soap comes in a 17.8 fl. oz / 530 ml liquid soap pump container.

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