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Poseidn 3D Cocktail Bomb 6 Pack, Cucumber & Lime For Gin & Tonic

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Enjoy your favourite adult beverage with a big flavour boost using the Poseidn 3D Cocktail Bomb 6 Pack, Cucumber & Lime For Gin & Tonic!

These non-alcoholic cocktail bombs use innovative 3D printing technology to create a fun and tasty flavour booster for your drinks. All you have to do is drop a single bomb into any alcohol infused cocktail, stir the drink and wait for it to dissolve before drinking. The bombs also work just as well as flavour shots for non-alcoholic drinks too - just mix the bomb with sparkling water or tonic.

The Poseidn 3D Cocktail Bomb 6 Pack is a must have refreshment for outdoor summer get-togethers or at your next party with friends and family. The bombs also make a delicious birthday or holiday gift!

Bomb Profile

  • Mild, vegetal and sour
  • Perfect for making: flavoured gin & tonics, tonics or sparkling water


  • Pack of 6
  • Does NOT contain alcohol - fruit juice mixer
  • 3D printed in Quebec, Canada
  • Made with all natural ingredients and artificial flavouring
  • Vegan, gluten-free, peanut-free
  • Works with alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic sparkling water
  • Cocktail bombs take longer to dissolve when used with just alcohol - mixing in a little sparkling water can help!

How To Use

  1. Select your 3D cocktail bomb
  2. Drop into a glass of your favourite cocktail or sparkling water (110ml-250ml / 4-8oz serving recommended)
  3. Enjoy!