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Poseidn 3D Cocktail Bomb 6 Pack, Maple Matcha Tea

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Enjoy the classic drink right at home by using the Poseidn 3D Cocktail Bomb 6 Pack, Maple Matcha Tea!

This bomb uses innovative 3D technology to create a fun and tasty tea to enjoy right at home. Simply drop the bomb into hot water and stir until dissolved. The bomb features cool maple tree design that will add some charm to teatime.

The Poseidn 3D Cocktail Bomb 6 Pack is a must have caffeinated refreshment. The bombs also make a delicious birthday or holiday gift!

Bomb Profile

  • Japanese green matcha tea infused with maple
  • Contains caffeine


  • Pack of 6
  • Does NOT contain alcohol
  • 3D printed in Quebec, Canada
  • Made with all natural ingredients and artificial flavouring
  • Vegan, gluten-free, peanut-free

How To Use

  1. Select your 3D cocktail bomb
  2. Drop into a cup of your favourite hot coffee and stir well
  3. Enjoy!