All-Clad Stainless Steel Non-Stick Slotted Turner

Flip burger, pancakes, and omelets with confidence with this All-Clad Non-Stick Slotted Turner. Should you use anything else than this handy turner, you run the risk of food falling apart. So don’t make it difficult on yourself with anything else like spoons and forks if you can have it easy.

The All-Clad Non-Stick Slotted Turner is nylon-coated and should you lift anything from greasy oil, the perforated turner allows the oil to drain away. An ergonomic hand fits comfortable in your hand.

The All-Clad Non-Stick Slotted Sturdy Turner is made from 18/10 stainless steel, can withstand temperatures up to 425 degrees F and carries a lifetime warranty.

To clean, give the turner a wipe or pop it in the dishwasher. You’ll use it again and again.

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