All-Clad Oven Probe Thermometer

Conventional ovens don't always have integrated thermometers, and in many cases present with temperature variations that may affect the way your food is cooked. Enter the All-Clad Oven Probe Thermometer, the one step digital solution that allows you to know the exact temperature of your food at a single glance.

The All-Clad T223 has been designed for your convenience. Its heat resistant probe is inserted into your food and the digital screen is placed outside the oven, letting you know when your food is ready without having to open the oven door. It also includes a timer and alarm setting, which allow you to complete other tasks without having to constantly check the oven.

The All-Clad T223 is sturdy and effective, ensuring you will get a long lasting device that will provide you with many years of good service under extreme heat conditions. The probe and cord can resist temperatures of up to 572 degrees, which means the device can be used safely with all recipes, making this the one and only oven probe thermometer you will ever want to use.

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