AmazeBrand Amazeballs Set of 2

Enjoy your favorite drinks and beverages with the chilling power of the AmazeBrand Amazeballs. The specially designed AmazeBrand Amazeballs will not water down, dilute or impart any flavouring into your favorite cocktails, whiskeys, or soft drinks. The AmazeBrand Amazeballs has two times the chilling power of traditional drink stones, and will help keep your drink colder for longer.

To use, wash the new AmazeBrand Amazeballs with warm water and a mild dish, rinse off with warm water and place back into freezer. It is recommended to chill the AmazeBrand Amazeballs for at least 4 hours in the freezer. Then place 1 ball for every 2oz of beverage, gently swirl the glass to move and activate the AmazeBrand Amazeball. The AmazeBrand Amazeball will keep room temperature liquid cool for up to 45 minutes.

Made of food safe #304 stainless steel with a specially formulated food safe glycerine gel, the AmazeBrand Amazeball measures 3.8 cm in diameter.

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