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Bambu Lunch Utensil Set With Cotton Carry Case

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Enjoy any meal, at any time, anywhere with the super handy Bambu Lunch Utensil Set With Cotton Carry Case!

This organic bamboo utensil set includes a full length fork, knife and spoon, as well as an eco-friendly carrying pouch. Bamboo is more durable than wood, is stain resistant and has natural anti-microbial properties - making this a long lasting and sustainable lunch solution.

This set is perfect for kids and adults to take with their lunches to work, school, picnics, or anywhere you travel and eat on the go.

  • Organic cotton utensil pouch
  • Fork, knife and spoon made of bamboo
  • Utensils measure 7.25" each
  • Organic - made without glues or lacquers
  • Lightweight and more durable than wood
  • Stain resistant and anti-microbial
  • Hand wash only
  • Not microwave or dishwasher safe
  • Model: 141160