Beechwood Extra Curved Slotted Spatula, 12"

Upgrade your kitchen tools and give your kitchen a classic old world feel with the Beechwood Extra Curved Slotted Spatula. Sturdy and lightweight, the richly colored Beechwood Extra Curved Slotted Spatula is perfect for sautéing, flipping, turning, and transferring foods from pan to plate without leaving a scratch! Avoid soggy dishes by using the slotted spatula design which allows excess liquid to drain away.

 Lovingly hand-crafted and made in France, The Beechwood Extra Curved Slotted Spatula are made to the highest quality. Wood spoons will not discolor food, alter taste, conduct heat, or melt. Thanks to its tight grain and pores, beechwood is resistant to warping and cracking, allowing you the ability to enjoy the Beechwood Extra Curved Slotted Spatula for a lifetime. To clean, simply wash with warm water and allow to air dry.

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