Bodum Ibis 1.5L Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Boil water quickly and effectively with the Bodum Ibis 1.5L Stainless Steel Electric Kettle. Perfect for preparing coffee, tea and hot cocoa, the Bodum Ibis 1.5L Electric Kettle is an energy saving kettle that has an easy to read water level indicator to boil the exact amount of water that you need. Featuring an unexposed heating element, the Bodum Ibis Electric Kettle allows you to safely place your kettle on any surface. Designed with a mesh screened spout, the Bodum Ibis Electric KEttle helps prevent chalk and other mineral imperities from pouring in to french presses or teapot. The Bodum Ibis Stainless Steel Kettle has a manual on and of switch, in addition to a steam sensor that shuts off automatically.

The Bodum Ibis Stainless steel Electric Kettle has a 1.5L capacity


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