Bormioli Frigoverre Measuring Jug

The Bormioli Frigoverre Measuring Jug is made from 100% pure natural recycled materials and is completely lead-free and BPA free. Featuring a durable see-through design that stands the test of time and an included cover for your convenience, the Bormioli Frigoverre Measuring Jug makes measuring liquid or dry ingredients a cinch.

The jug’s large handle is comfortable to hold while measuring and handling heavy liquids and because of the included lid you could even use this stylish jug to store anything from pancake mix or juice in.

The Bormioli Frigoverre Measuring Jug provides a wonderful solution to measuring baby formula as well. There are many uses for this sturdy measuring jug. It’s a must have when preparing cakes, cupcakes, and anything else for that matter.  Measuring jug with lid. Hygienic - odourless. Scratch resistant.

The Bormioli Frigoverre Measruing Jug has a 42oz capacity.

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