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Nothing can guarantee the delicious flavor of tea as clean water can. The principle behind the Breville Crystal Clear is just that, if you can see it, you will know it's clean. The Breville BKE595XL is an electric kettle made out of the highest quality German glass that allows you to see exactly what goes into to your tea water.

Because of its transparent body, the Breville BKE595XL is also easy to clean, as it will allow you to see any buildup, dirt, or grease that may settle inside it. The Breville Crystal Clear is powerful and easy to use, and because of this, can boil the water in a less time than traditional kettles, ensuring your tea is ready when you want it, with no tedious wait. Turn your tea into the experience you want it to be, and make it all possible with the Breville Crystal Clear, an investment all tea lovers should make.

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