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Brown Betty


Brown Betty Classic Teapot


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The Brown Betty Teapot has returned to tea lovers and tea enthusiasts better than ever with a new and improved design. Brown Betty’s new shape has been derived from the vintage classic WWII version. The Brown Betty Teapot is made by a company named Adderley Ceramics in England. This is a high-quality teapot made with a quality glaze and red clay.

The materials used to make this classic quality teapot and the teapot’s shape guarantees the perfect cup of tea. Due to the teapot’s shape, as you add boiled water to the tea leaves in your teapot, the tea leaves are able to gently swirl around.

 This creates the perfect infusion and a flavorful cup of tea. And thanks to the red clay of the Brown Betty Teapot, tea remains hotter for a longer period of time.

Hand made in Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom, the Brown Betty Teapot is available in a variety of sizes inlcuding 4 cup, 6 cup and 8 cup formats.The Brown Betty Teapot is dishwasher safe, however the best care is to rinse in hot water and allow to air dry. Not intended for use in microwave or stovetop.