Umbra Buddy Tea Infuser

This Umbra Buddy Tea Infuser makes preparing that perfect cup of tea an experience that is fun. It leads the way to a delicious cup of tea. No boring infusers for you, with this handy device that attaches to the mug sides by the Buddy's arms. Your Buddy can be held and used to stir or to dip and dunk the infuser to make a cup of tea to personal preferences for strength and color. The tea blends can be personalized so that each cup offers a difference taste experience. The Umbra Buddy Tea Infuser attaches to the top of a stick infuser.  It gives ease of use and whimsy as well when infusing your perfect cup of tea.

Sold invidually, the Umbra Buddy Tea Infuser is available in Green and Black. Please indicate your preferred colour upon purchase.

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