BUILT NY Gourmet Getaway Mini Snack Tote, Navy Mini Dot

Bring healthy snacks and meals for adults and kids with the insulated BUILT NY Navy Mini Dot Gourmet Mini Getaway Snack Tote. Fun and stylish, the pink and blue polkadot pattern of the BUILT NY Navy Mini Dot Gourmet Getaway Mini Snack Tote will make lunch and snack times fun again. The lightweight, zip closure and easy to grab soft handle makes the BUILT NY Navy Mini Dot Mini Gourmet Getaway Snack Tote great for walking or commuting to school or work.

Made of food safe, BPA, PVC and Vinyl free neoprene (the swimsuit fabric), the BUILT NY Navy Mini Dot Mini Gourmet Getaway Snack Tote is stain resistant and machine washable. The BUILT NY Navy Mini Dot Mini Gourmet Getaway Snack Tote measures 10.6" W x 10.2" H.

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