Casabella WaterBlock Gloves, Aqua

Whether you find yourself standing at the kitchen sink all day long doing dishes or you need a good set of cleaning gloves to perform routine cleaning around the house, the Casabella Waterstop Premium Rubber Gloves are guaranteed to keep your hands protected at all times. Exposing your hands to harsh cleansers, dish soap, and non-stop water while doing dishes or cleaning can dry your hands out and cause skin irritation.

Using gloves will help you to avoid dry hands and irritated skin. The Casabella Waterstop Premium Rubber Gloves are just what you need to protect your hands. Not only will they protect your hands but they’re comfortable and stylish in the new Aqua color. Featuring a cotton flocked inner lining and extra-long cuffs, your hands are guaranteed to remain comfy and irritation free with these colorful cleaning gloves.


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