CDN Thermometer


CDN Thermometer Programmable Thermometer

Cook your favorite foods to the perfect temperature and for the right amount of time with the CDN Programmable Thermometer Probe. The thermometer can measure from 32 to 482°F/0 to +250°C. The 24 hour timer is adjustable by hours and minutes, making it easy to set, and you never have to reset during long cooking times. The timer also has a count up and down, as well as a alert.

The CDN Programmable Thermometer Probe has a heat resistant sensor cable that can handle hea tup to 400°F/204°C- perfect for high heat cooking and baking.  You can mount or stand the CDN Programmable Thermometer Probe right in your oven, or use the magnet to keep it handy by the oven. The thermometer probe comes with a singl 1.5V AAA IEC LRO03 Alkaline battery.

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