Chirpy Top


Chirpy Top Bottle Stopper

Add a little fun and charm to your next dinner party and social gathering with the Chirpy Top Bird Bottle Stopper. The Chirpy Top Bird Bottle Stopper will produce a delightful chirp sound when it serves your favorite wine, or other bottled beverages. The simple, graceful lines and the little beak spout offers a drip free pour. Designed by the creators of the Gurgle Pot Fish Shaped Pitcher, the Chirpy Top Bird Bottle Stopper is a sure way to add a bit of whimsy to your next gathering and is perfect for entertaining family, friends and guests.

Made of BPA free silicone rubber and featuring a stainless steel tubes, the Chirpy Top Bottle Stopper fits on all standard cork or screw top wine bottles. The Chirpy Top Bottle Stopper is hand wash only.


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