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Cocktail Bomb


Cocktail Bomb Shop Halloween Spooky Apple 4 Pack

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Let's be's scary how good these bombs taste! The Cocktail Bomb Shop Halloween Spooky Apple 4 Pack is the best way to enjoy your favourite witches brew right out of the cauldron.

Proudly handmade in Quebec, these flavoured cocktail bombs consist of only the highest quality, all natural human entrails...INGREDIENTS...we mean high quality all-natural ingredients! The bombs do not contain any alcohol and work with both alcoholic drinks and sparkling water, so anybody - ghoul or goblin - can enjoy their great taste.

These apple flavoured Cocktail Bombs are best paired with vodka or rum, drunk out of your favourite skull mug. The spooky gift packaging and blood red bomb colour also makes this pack a fangtastic gift for any creature of the night.

Bomb Profile

  • Sweet, tangy and delicious
  • Perfect for making: Appletinis - pairs best with vodka or rum creations


  • Cocktail Bomb Shop is a proudly woman owned Canadian business
  • Handmade in Quebec, Canada
  • Does not contain alcohol
  • Pack of 4
  • Made with all natural ingredients and artificial flavouring
  • Works with alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic sparkling water
  • Cocktail bombs take longer to dissolve when used with just alcohol - mixing in a little sparkling water can help!

How To Use

  1. Select your Cocktail Bomb
  2. Drop into a glass of your favourite cocktail or sparkling water (250ml / 8oz serving recommended)
  3. Enjoy!