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Fred Coolamari Ice Tray

Ice is ice, right?  Very wrong. Ice can add personality and fun to every drink you serve. Perfect for a beach-themed party or weekend at the shore, this Fred Coolamari Ice Tray adds some charming, floating, cooling octopi to your beverage selections.

The Fred Coolamari Ice Trays are made from flexible, washable silicone for ease of freezing and serving. Each tray offers 4 octopus ice cubes. Add some aquatic whimsy to your next fish fry or gathering to set your drinks apart from the rest.  Silicone trays make the ice cubes, or more aptly these frozen sea denizens, easy to dispense from the tray with silicone's flexible nature.

Fun is the name of the game with Fred Coolamari. They make great gifts for the aquatic lover, too.

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