Cuisinart Hurricane Compact Blender

Blend, chop and puree your favorite foods with the Cuisinart Hurricane Compact Blender. Perfect for creating delicious nutrient filed juices and smoothies, the Cuisinart Hurricane Compact Blender can break down whole fruits and vegetables in the streamlined jar. Ideal for mincing herbs and spices in the chopping cup or whipping up a customer drink right in the travel cups, the Cuisinart Hurricane Compact Blender is the perfect multipurpose machine to suit your fast pace and ever changing lifestyle. Designed to fit into any space, the Cuisinart Hurricane Compact Blender delivers big blender performance while being small enough to sit on your kitchen counter tops.

Made of BPA Free Tritan plastic and featuring a stainless steel blade, the Cuisinart Huricane Compact Blender comes with dishwasher safe 0.94L main jug, a 0.2L chopper cup, and two 0.47L travel cups. Featuring two speed options to adjust according to the need, the Cuisinart Hurricane Compact Blender features 1 Horsepower motor and measures 10.5" W x 7.5" L x 13.875" H. The Cuisinart Hurricane Compact Blender has a 1+ Peak Horsepower. The Cuisinart Hurrican Compact Blender comes with a 3 year Manufacturer's Warranty.

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