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Cuisinart Stainless Steel Solid Turner

Delicate foods require a special utensil to ensure they won't break or crack when being turned on the grill or in the pan. This is why you will fall in love with the Cuisinart Solid Turner each time you use it. The Cuisinart CTG-08-SSTC has been created with those delicate foods in mind, allowing you to turn them over easily and without any unwanted mishaps.

The Cuisinart CTG-08-SSTC has been manufactured with stainless steel, a guarantee of many years of excellent service. Its hollow handle and broad blade offer the perfect balance required by a utensil of this type, and its ergonomic handle has been designed specially for comfort during use. The Cuisinart Solid Turner's elegant line will provide that additional touch of beauty when used to serve your meals at the table, making it an investment you will always enjoy.

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