Danesco Oil & Vinegar Bottle

If you love preparing homemade salad dressings, then it’s time to prepare and serve them in styel with the contemporary styled Danesco Oil & Vinegar Bottle! This oil and vinegar set is perfect for use with any infused oils, salad dressings, vinaigrettes, and more. Not only is the Danesco Oil & Vinegar Bottle well designed and stylish, but it’s also easy to use.

When you’re ready to serve with the Danesco Oil & Vinegar Bottle, simply flip-open the featured spout and drizzle your salad dressing, oils or vinegars! That’s it! It’s that easy. The Danesco Oil & Vinegar Bottle is made of high-quality durable materials that will never absorb odors or flavors and is a cinch to keep clean. The Danesco Oil & Vinegar Bottle is dishwasher safe for your convenience!

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