Danielle Damsel in Distress Party Kit

Don't be left out of the impromptu night out or party this year with the Danielle Damsels in Distress Party Kit. Featuring everything you need to get yourself ready to impress or to stay overnight, the Danielle Damsels in Distress is the perfect kit to keep in your purse, place in a desk drawer at the office, leave in a locker at school, or take with you wherever you go.

The Danielle Damsels in Distress party Kit includes a toothbrush and toothpaste, 2 tissues, a vanity kit (4 x cotton swabs, cotton pad, nail file), hair band, 2 hair clips, a sewing kit, compact mirror, 2 bandages, 2 double sided tape, 2 earring backs, a stain remover wipe, deodorant wipe, make-up remover wipe, shot glass, and false eyelashes.

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