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Demain Demain


Demain Demain Reusable Snack Backs Set of 3 Fruit & Vegetables Prune

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Use the Demain Demain Reusable Snack Backs Set of 3 Fruit & Vegetables Prune as the perfect lunch companion for packing snacks, sandwiches and treats!

Made from recycled plastic water bottles, these bags are an eco-friendly solution that actually work for your needs. They are completely food safe and non-toxic, while the outer fabric is waterproof to protect the food from spills. The set includes three different sized bags which gives you lots of options for packing lunches. They are also highly durable, something that can't be said for many other fabric snack bags.

The fun pattern makes the Demain Demain Snack Bags suitable for use by both adults or kids. So turn these into the lunch solution for you or your kids to take to work, school or anywhere on-the-go!

  • Set of 3 (5" x 5.5", 5" x 7.5", 7.75" x 7.5")
  • Made from recycled plastic water bottles
  • Durable, waterproof fabric
  • Food safe
  • BPA-, PVC- and lead-free
  • Made in Canada
  • Unique design from a local artist
  • Machine washable or wash under tap water