Denby Heritage Veranda Accent Large Mug

The vintage inspired Denby Heritage Orchard Accent Large Mug is ideal for enjoying your favorite cup of coffee, tea or other hot beverage any time of the day. A contemporary adaptation to the highly decorative 1960s Arabesque range, the Denby Heritage Veranda Accent Large Mug retains its bold folk-style patterns while also introducing a more contemporary and harmonious earthy palette of buttery yellows, soft safe and refreshing duck egg. The vintage inspired and organic shape of the Denby Heritage Veranda Accent Large Mug makes a wonderful addition to any home.

Made in England of durable stoneware that is hand crafted from high quality locally sources clay, the Denby Heritage Veranda Accent Large Mug has a 10.5 oz capacity and is oven, mivrowave, dishwasher and freezer safe.

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