E-Cloth Trigger Spray Bottle

What a dream to clean with one eco-friendly cleaning cloth and one bottle of water. This is what you’re doing when you clean with the E-Cloth Trigger Spray Bottle and E-Cloths. The environmentally friendly E-Cloths are activated by warm water and contain no harsh chemicals to get even the toughest of cleaning jobs done. Cleaning is breezy with an E-Cloth and an E-Cloth Trigger Spray Bottle. The spray bottle makes your life that much easier.

There’s no need to run back and forth to the sink when you have your handy dandy bottle of water at your side while cleaning with the multi-purpose "green" E-Cloth. You can clean just about anything with an E-Cloth and a little bit of warm water. The E-Cloth Trigger Spray Bottle is a must have for any owner of an E-Cloth Kit!

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