Edgeware Angle Adjust Knife Sharpener

Your best kitchen knives are guaranteed to be kept razor sharp for optimum use when chopping up things like onions, cilantro, celery, pepper, fruits, meats, and more when you utilize the Edgeware Angle Adjust Knife Sharpener to sharpen your knives. This is a premium knife sharpener that is easy-to-use and is guaranteed to revive even the oldest of knives. Featuring a handy adjustable angle setting, you’re enabled to effortlessly sharpen your best knives at the appropriate, proper angle for optimum sharpening results.

With the angle feature, you’re able to adjust the blade between settings of 14-24 degrees. With the Edgeware Angle Adjust Knife Sharpener, you can sharpen any serrated blade knife, straight edge blade knife, or Santoku/Asian styled knife. A coarse sharpening slot and fine sharpening slot, gives you options for knives that just need light sharpening or complete revival.

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