Emile Henry


Emile Henry Barbeque Plancha Grill

The most efficient way of grilling certain foods, without the grease dripping into the fire or smaller foods falling through the cracks, is the Emile Henry Barbeque Plancha Grill. This highly effective plancha is designed for cooking anything from mushrooms to meat while its sloped surface allows unwanted grease to be moved far from your food.

The Emile Henry Plancha Grill is ideal for grilling small vegetables, as its specially manufactured ceramic surface will maintain the delicate aroma of the barbecue without exposing them to direct flames, ensuring they are perfectly cooked without any burns.

Lazy summer days can be made to taste and look better with the Emile Henry Plancha Grill, an investment you will surely use over and over for a long time to come.

Dimensions : 39 x 31cm


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