Emile Henry


Emile Henry Spoon Rest

Spoon rests are an easy way to keep your stove and its surrounding area neat during meal preparation, and the Emile Henry Spoon Rest is the best in its kind. Its high quality ceramic manufacture guarantees its heat resistance and sturdiness, while its clean design and contemporary line will add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

The Emile Henry Spoon Rest is dishwasher safe, which will make clean up a breeze, and its conveniently deep center will keep any residual liquid within its walls, instead of letting it leak onto your counter top or stove. Keep your food preparation area clean while you create the healthiest, and most nutritious, meals for your family with the Emile Henry Spoon Rest, a beautiful utensil no chef should go without.

Dimensions: 22x10 cm.


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