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InterDesign Forma Towel Holder

Stainless Steel
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The sleek, shiny InterDesign Forma Towel Holder is aesthetically pleasing and very useful as well. It's constructed of durable, stunning stainless steel, and its "V" design was crafted to allow for easy, reliable towel placement. Placing it on the wall in a breeze, too, because it has an adhesive backing for a no-fuss installation process. The InterDesign Forma Towel Holder easily adheres to walls, closet doors, cabinet doors, and even showers.

This InterDesign Forma Towel Holder set comes with two identical tower holders. You can place one by the shower and one by the door, or you may place them both together for easy access to more than one towel.  Alternately, use one in the bathroom for bath towels and another in the kitchen for dish towels.