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Fox Run Roasting Rack

When roasting a savory chicken in the oven, you need a roasting rack like the Fox Run Roasting Rack. This nifty gadget makes your life easier in the kitchen for a few reasons and is a must-have if you’re going to roast. It could be used with chicken, roast beef, pork roasts, turkey, meatloaf and more. The Fox Run Roasting Rack is particularly helpful when roasting a large bird such as a large stuffed turkey. When roasting with a roasting rack, you’re able to heat foods evenly to perfection and it’s easier to remove from the roasting pan to cool down when it’s finished baking in the oven. Transferring the poultry or meat to then serve is also easier with a roasting rack. The Fox Run Roasting Rack is non-stick and heavy-duty.

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