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Fusionbrands PushBerry Huller & Slicer

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Core and slice strawberries easily and without the mess and hassle, with the Fusionbrands PushBerry Stawberry Slicer & Huller. The PushBerry Strawbeery Slicer & Huller makes it easy to core and slice your strawberry in one swift motion, simply push the strawberry through the cutter and let the slices fall through. The Pushbery Strawberry slicer & Huller is great to use over icecream, cereal or over a blender. The Fusionbrands PushBerry Strawberry Slicer & Huller has been designed with a textured, non-slip grip that makes it easy to hold and keep in place.

Made of BPA free plastic, the Fusionbrands PushBerry Strawberry Slicer & Huller measures 3" in diameter and is dishwasher safe.