Fusionbrands Stainless Steel Citrus Zipper

 Peel and zest your favorite citrus fruits easily with the Fusionbrands Citrus Zipper. Perfect for adding zest and peel strips to meals and desserts, at a home bar for adding garnishes to drinks, or simply to help peel skin away for healthy and delicious snacks the Fusionbrands Citrus Zipper is the ideal multipurpose citrus fruit tool. The built in zester channel knife allows you to create different zest and peel strips, while the Fusionbrands Citrus Zipper allows you to easily puncture and peel skin away to reach the juice flesh of oranges, limes, lemons and grapefruits.

Made of food safe brushed stainless steel, the Fusionbrands Citrus Zipper is dishwasher safe.

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