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GSF Series Peeling Knife
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Peeling fruits or vegetables can produce juices that make the handle of your knife slippery and difficult to hold, putting you at risk for unwanted accidents and cuts. Enter the Global Knives GSF Series Peeling Knife, with their beautifully designed, ergonomic, slip free handle that provides you with a firm grip even under extreme conditions, preventing your hand from slipping or losing your hold.

The Global Knives GSF Series Peeling Knife have been manufactured with the highest quality materials, which makes them sturdy and durable, with a finely honed edge created to make peeling easy and effortless, regardless of whether you are peeling an orange or a ripe tomato, while its pointed tip helps you core your fruit with ease. Make all your peeling tasks a breeze, with the Global Peeling Knives you simply can't go wrong.

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