HumanGear GoToob Travel Tube

Easily store your fluids when you're on the go with the humangear gotoob travel tube. These travel tubes resemble mini lotion bottles. Close the cap tightly and your liquids will be completely secure. There is even  a special valve that offers a no-drip feature.  Available in different sizes, these tubes can hold anything you need. They are great for lotion, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, and even condiments such as ketchup or ranch.

The  FDA-approved and BPA-free HumanGear GoToob Travel Tube means that you can bring them on a plane and know your food will be safe the entire trip! The collar has two rings that snap together, with one ring containing an ID window that allows you to display the contents inside. This is perfect if you have one tube filled with lotion and another with dressing.


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