HumanGear GoToob Travel Tube 3-Pack

Travelers love to bring along their favorite lotion, shampoo, or conditioner, but these normally come in huge bottles, which are not convenient for a packed overnight bag. Good thing there's HumanGear GoToob Travel Tube 3-Pack.

The pack consists of small tubes with a patented "no-drip" valve that keeps the cap clean and leak-proof. The cap has two rings: one for snapping it close and the other is for adjusting the labels, like "Shampoo", "Soap", or "Lotion," on each tube.

All the tubes have been FDA approved to carry food, like sauces, energy drinks, and flavored jellies. The HumanGear GoToob travel tubes are available in different colors and sizes. Smaller ones fit into a hand bag while bigger tubes give you more time between refills.


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