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Gourmet du Village Hot Chocolate 4 Bomb Kit Candy Cane

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Equally fun to make and drink, the Gourmet du Village Hot Chocolate 4 Bomb Kit Candy Cane is the perfect way to enjoy a night with family or friends!

This kit includes all you need to make 4 delicious hot chocolate bombs in only 5 easy steps. The kit even comes with candy cane bits to top your bomb - how cool is that!

The Gourmet du Village hot chocolate mix is a great way to stay warm and full during winter, and is especially fun for kids to make during festive holidays.


  • Each kit makes 4 hot chocolate bombs
  • Create them in just 5 easy steps (instructions included)
  • Bombs work best with hot milk
  • Bombs are perfect for birthdays, parties, Christmas, holidays and any cool night where you need to get warm!

Kit Includes

  • 8 half sphere shaped silicone moulds
  • Milk chocolate morsels
  • Candy cane hot chocolate mix
  • Dehydrated marshmallows (contains less than 2% gelatin)
  • Candy cane bits
  • Easy to follow recipe