GreenPaxx Snack Tube Set of 4, Tie Dye

Pack healthy snacks or create dilicous home made ice pops with the GreenPaxx Tie Dy Crazy Stripes Snack Tube Set of 4. Perfect for school day snacks or summer treats, the slim and air tight GreenPaxx Tie Dye Crazy Stripes Snack Tube Set of 4 can neatly fit into tight spaces like purses, gym bags, lunchboxes and backpacks. Great for nuts and granola, yogurt, raw vegetable sticks, raisings, pomegrante seeds and much more, the easy to carry and leakproof GreenPaxx Tie Dy Crazy Stripes Snack Tube Set of 4 come with an attached cap, so kids can't lose it when snacking on the go.

Made of 100% non-toxic BPA free high quality silicone, the GreenPaxx Tie Dye Crazy Stripes Snack Tube Set of 4 measure 1.5" top diameter x 7.5" high.

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