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Final Touch Hard Ice 1" Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

Some drinks are just too good to dilute with melted ice cubes. Final Touch has made it easy to keep your favorite drink cold while never watering it down with the Final Touch Hard Ice Stainless Steel Ice Cubes. These easy to use ice cubes are filled with a cooling gel, which is, of course nontoxic. The kit comes with a case to hold your unique ice cubes in the freezer and tongs that make it easy to transfer the cubes to your drink from the tray. The ice cubes are surprisingly stylish and will delight you and your guests with cold drinks time and time again. These unique ice cubes are a perfect gift for the hostess who loves to entertain with panache. What could be cooler than stainless steel ice cubes?

Comes with 8 stainless steel 1" ice cubes, tongs, and a storage case.

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