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HumanGear GoCup Collapsing Travel Cup

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The HumanGear GoCup collapsing travel cup has a leak-proof easy-to-clean design. The cup is flexible enough to push down into a packable puck and pull up into a cup for drinking. Because the cup is not made from polycarbonate (PC) material, it doesn't have the chemicals bisphenol-a (BPA) and phthalates in it. In fact, this collapsible travel cup is made of food-grade silicone approved by the FDA.

The HumanGear GoCup comes with a special DoubleDecker top that has a detachable pill box inside. It serves as a cap to prevent spills and as a tray to hold your cup. Inside the lid, a column of measurements are visible for ease in pouring a shot or two of liquor or just a half-cup of cold water.