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Final Touch Ice Balls Silicone Ice Moulds

If you’re looking to add a little dazzle and style to your next party, start with getting rid of those ordinary humdrum ice cubes in your drinks or punch bowl. The Final Touch Ice Balls Silicone Ice Moulds are a unique and versatile way to dress up your drinks. The two-inch moulds are made of silicone that is long lasting and durable, ensuring you years of use. The simple to use moulds have a fill line that helps ensure each ice ball is perfect and solid. For something out of the ordinary, fill the ice balls with juice, fruit pieces, or even colored water. The long lasting large ice balls cut down on refilling drinks with ice giving you more time to enjoy the party. They are so simple to use, just fill, freeze, pop out of the mould and enjoy.

Comes with a set of 4 ice ball moulds.

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