InterDesign Affix Clarity Vanity Box, Dual Compartment

Ideal for organizing bathroom products, cosmetics, hair accessories, and even office supplies the InterDesign Affix Dual Compartment Clarity Vanity Box allows you to create space on your counter tops and work surfaces and keep everything perfectly organized and tidy. Great for bathrooms, bedrooms, office spaces and in the kitchen, the InterDesign Affix Clarity Vanity Box adhesive backing has a super strong hold, and can be easily removed without damaging your walls.

Made of durable plastic with a mirrored accent film backing, the InterDesign Affix Clarity Vanity Box, Dual Compartment measures 4.95" x 2.25" x 4". The InterDesign Affix Dual Compartment Clarity Vanity Box will adhere to any smooth, clean surfaces including mirrors, metals, glass, tile, fiberglass and wood surfaces thanks to the adhesive backing.

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