InterDesign Orbz Stall Mat

The InterDesign Orbz Stall Mat makes showering safe and enjoyable. With its suction cup design this mat stays in place so you don’t need to worry about slipping and sliding. These suction cups adhere firmly to the surface of the shower stall floor for peace of mind. Designed with not only safety in mind, the InterDesign Orbz Stall Mat is attractive to the eye and pleasing to the touch, with an interpatterned textured and smooth surface – it covers your shower floor and gives an illusion of soothing water bubbling over rocks as your showering. Constructed to be soft and pliable with a jelly like feel the InterDesign Orbz Stall Mat offers both comfort and safety within the confines of an attractive and well designed product. Make bathing a comfort and enjoy the feeling of security while using the InterDesign Orbz Bath Mat.

Comes in a 22x20" size for even the largest of shower stalls, or the widest of bath tubs.

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