Joie Corn Star Cob Stripper

For those moments in time when you’d rather strip the corn from a piece of corn on the cob to enjoy fresh corn versus canned corn or frozen corn, utilize the durable Joie Corn Star Cob Stripper! This helpful corn cob stripper makes stripping corn from a cob of corn a breeze. Featuring a durable design that can strip any piece of corn and a fun-filled smiling corn face, this is a cob stripper that everyone should own.

The Joie Corn Star Cob Stripper makes preparing meals a blast thanks to its delightful, fun design. You’ll never struggle to remove corn from a cob again thanks to the Joie Corn Star Cob Stripper. This cob stripper is so easy to use that you can give the task of stripping corn to one of the kids.

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