Joie Lemon Fresh Pod

If you like to use fresh lemon and lime slices for drinks or to garnish with, it would probably be helpful and easier to store the rest of the lemon or lime within the Joie Lemon Fresh Pod. When you store lemons and limes, inside of the Joie Lemon Fresh Pod your lemons and limes will stay fresher longer. When they stay fresher longer, they also remain as firm as the first day that you sliced it.

You’ll never waste another lemon or lime thanks to this innovative smart container. And thanks to its bright, unique lemon shaped design, you’ll know precisely where the fruit is located within your refrigerator. It’s easily distinguishable offering further convenience. The Joie Lemon Fresh Pod is safe for dishwasher use.A new 'lemon-aid' for the kitchen aficionado! This bright, yellow storage Pod helps keep leftover lemons fresh, firm, and odor free. Simply place the lemon cut side down on the plastic base, then place the plastic cover over it. Cleverly shaped like a lemon, the storage pod also helps to organize your fridge in style by eliminating the need for plastic wrap or sandwich bags.

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