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Joseph Joseph


Joseph Joseph Elevate Jar Spoon

Have you ever made a mess trying to scrape that last bit of goodness from the bottom of a jar? If so, the Joesph Joesph Elevate Jar Spoon is for you. This sturdily constructed spoon has a built in tool rest, that prevents the tip from ever being placed on the counter, keeping it clean, and a weighted handle to assist with balance and handling.

The Joesph Joesph Elevate Jar Spoon has been manufactured with resistant polypropylene and flexible silicone, which make it one of the most versatile kitchen tools available. It is long enough to reach the last corner of jam, chutney, or sauce jars, while being dishwasher safe, ensuring clean up is easy and effortless. All this, and much more, make the Joesph Joesph Elevate Jar Spoon an investment you will enjoy for years to come.

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